Faith Formation


Faith Formation is designed to enable opportunities for children and adults to grown in their knowledge and enthusiasm of God and the Catholic Faith. We prepare for and celebrate the sacraments, as well as liturgy, service, prayer, scripture and the lives of the saints along with art and music activities. Our focus is living in relationship with the Trinity in the midst of a celebrating community that proclaims Jesus’ message in Word and Action.

Number of students: 71
Number of volunteers: 20 (catechists & subs)

First Reconciliation: January 31, 2018
Confirmation: March 18, 2018
First Eucharist: May 20, 2018


Please click here for a 2017-18 enrollment form.


Many volunteers give generously of their time and talent to pass the faith onto our children. All our teachers are required to be VIRTUS trained to help ensure the safety of our children. More volunteers are always welcome to teach or aid in other ways. The Application for Volunteer Service is available on the drop-down menu.


Faith Formation Program classes begin in mid-October and end in early May.  The Faith Formation Schedules is below.


The parish community of  Most Holy Rosary is committed to a faith formation program that will enable each child to grow in faith and relationship with Jesus. Our programs meet and follow the official statement on Catechetics of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. Our curriculum is designed to follow a sequential pattern of faith and moral development and is structured on sound theological principles in accordance with the National Catechetical Directory. Classes for all grade levels consist of class time, service opportunities and exposure to some traditional Catholic devotions such as the Stations of the Cross. We encourage parents/guardians to take an active role in their children’s religious growth. Faith is God’s gift, but the nurturing of that gift goes on mainly in the day-to-day living of family life. Our goal is to help children develop into faithful Catholic adults.


Direct preparation for these sacraments is done in the second grade after a child has attended at least one year of Faith Formation classes. Children prepare for and receive First Reconciliation in January. They begin classes for First Eucharist in January and receive this sacrament in May.


Classes for grades 9 and 10 are 10:45 – Noon on Sundays in the Church. Confirmation in the Diocese of Syracuse is generally received in Grade 10. This program consists of classes, a retreat, field trips, and service. The sacrament is conferred in March.


The Director of Faith Formation is Jim Tokos. He can be contacted at 862-3216 or via email at

2017-2018 Faith Formation Program Schedule
OCTOBER 15, 2017 THROUGH MAY 6, 2018

Kindergarten – Confirmation 2:  10:45 – Noon

September:      Registrations Due

October 15:      Grades K-5 and Mandatory Confirmation Meeting with candidates and parents

October 22:      Grades 6-Confirmation 2

October 27:      Trunk & Treat 6:00 pm at Maine Memorial

October 29:      Grades K-5

November 5:     Grades K-5

November 12:   Grades 6-Confirmation

November 18:   Confirmation 2 – Mandatory field trip to Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Syracuse

November 19:   Grades K-5

December 2:     Grades K-2 – Mandatory Advent Wreath Making and Covered Dish Dinner in the Church Hall, 6:30 pm

December 3:     Grades 6-Confirmation 2 – Christmas Caroling

December 10:   Grades 6-Confirmation 2

December 17:   Grade K-5

January 7:         Grades K-5

January 13:       Confirmation Retreat – Mandatory

January 21:       Grades 6-Confirmation 2

January 28:       Grades K-5

January 31:       First Penance

February 4:       Grades K-5

February 11:     Grades 6-Confirmation 2

February 24:     Grades 6-Confirmation 2 – Chicken & Biscuit Fundraiser Prep

February 25:     Grades K-5

Grade 6-Confirmation 2 – Chicken & Biscuit Fundraiser

March 2:           Confirmation 2 – Fish Dinner at Church of the Holy Family

March 4:           Grades K-5

March 11:         Grades 6-Confirmation 1

Confirmation 2 – 11:00 am Mass/Lunch/Rehearsal at Holy Family

March 16:         Confirmation 2 – Mandatory Simple Supper & Stations

March 18:         Grades K-5

Confirmation Day!  3:00 pm at Holy Family (Confirmation 1 will also attend)

March 23:        Confirmation 1 – Mandatory Simple Supper & Stations

March 29-31:   Tridiuum – All Faith Formation students and families should attend

April 15:           Grades K-5

April 22:           Grades 6-Confirmation 1

April 29:           Grades K-5

May 6:              All Classes

May 20:           First Eucharist

January 31 – First Reconciliation – 6:00 PM
March 18 – Confirmation Liturgy at Church of the Holy Family – 3:00 PM
May 20 – First Eucharist Liturgy – 9:30 AM

* Dates are subject to change. Changes will be published in the weekly bulletin and updated here.